General home safety tips for senior citizens

Our homes are our sanctuary. As a sanctuary, the most basic need for the home is security. Purchasing and installing home alarm systems, home security camera and other home security systems ensures we are protected while away from home or when sleeping.

For senior citizens, a home is a place with memories of good and bad times. It is where all pictures of their children, toys, baby clothes if any and school trophies can be found. Apart from being a storehouse of memories, it acts as a center for family interactions during the holidays such as thanksgiving and Christmas. Due to age, senior citizens cannot be able to respond fast like in their youthful days. To help make the home safer for them, below are general tips that can be practiced.

Place emergency numbers on phones

To enable quick response time in case of emergencies, it is important to place vital telephone numbers next to phones. Simply take a notepad and write down emergency numbers like 911, doctor’s number, hospital number and the nearest relative’s number. This should be done in the case a senior citizen has a helper and is using dial up telephones.

In case they are familiar with using mobile phones, you can quickly program all emergency numbers in the contact list and assign them a number between 0 and 9. The helper or nurse can be able to speed dial any contact in case of an emergency.

Secure windows and doors

To ensure intruders do not invade the home, it is important to contact a locksmith who can install secure locks on the door. The best locks for the doors of a senior citizen are those that use a lever instead of a knob. This is because a lever will be easier to open than a knob since it has more grip. The door locks should be secure to prevent burglars from gaining access into the home.

For windows, you need to have locks installed so as to secure them at night. You can request the lock smith to provide you with the best.

Buy a safe for valuables


Senior citizens have amassed a lot of valuables such as pictures ,guns, books, jewelry and even sports memorabilia. Losing such items will be a painful loss to them. It is important to purchase a wall safe which can be installed in a hidden location. This will provide the senior citizens with a sense of relief that his or her valuables are safe.

In order for them not to forget a combination, you can pick a safe that requires fingerprint scanning rather than a keypad safe or manual dial safe.

Install automated light control systems

Automated light control systems are beneficial since they can be turned on and off using sound. One can either clap or speak a few commands when turning on or off the lights. This will provide them with a simple way of managing lights in the home.

Due to age, motor functions don’t respond fast like they used to when one was young. For those using a cane or are on a wheel chair, it becomes more advantageous.

Smoke and gas detectors

Where there is smoke, there is fire. A smoke detector is very beneficial in a senior citizens home. It will help to detect smoke which may mean the start of a fire. By raising an alarm, the fire department will respond quickly to the home and ensure everything is okay.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that when inhaled especially during sleep, it will lead to death. By installing gas detectors, it will be beneficial in that in case carbon monoxide is detected, it will alert authorities. They will respond and save the occupants.

Purchase assistive listening devices

Due to age, senior citizens develop a hearing problem. By purchasing assistive listening devices in the home, they help amplify sound. They have a microphone which captures sound and audio from the surrounding and transmit it wirelessly. They are beneficial for personal listening especially when one wants to listen to the radio or watch TV.

While attending church service, the assistive listening device can be used to follow the sermons and preaching. While still at the church, senior citizens can get to participate in singing because they can hear what song is being sung.